# Introduction

A Golang based redis operator that will make/oversee Redis standalone/cluster mode setup on top of the Kubernetes. It can create a redis cluster setup with best practices on Cloud as well as the Bare-metal environment. Also, it provides an in-built monitoring capability using redis-exporter.

Documentation is available here:- https://ot-container-kit.github.io/redis-operator/

The type of Redis setup which is currently supported:-

  • Redis Cluster (in-built leader follower with sharding and replication mode)
  • Redis standalone setup

# Supported Features

Here the features which are supported by this operator:-

  • Redis cluster(leader-follower in sharding and replication mode) and standalone setup
  • Inbuilt monitoring support using the Redis Exporter to give detailed insights
  • Dynamic storage provisioning using the PVC template
  • Performance tuned best practices in redis configuration
  • Password and password-less support for cluster and standalone setup
  • A few Kubernetes based object supported like:-
    • NodeSelector
    • Affinity
    • Resource and Limits
    • Tolerations
    • SecurityContext
    • Storage
    • ServiceAccount

# Architecture